14+ Best Medical Photo for Website Templates Free and Premium Download

Free and premium medical photo are ideally for any website templates related to medical topics or health care. Medical photos embrace many health care spheres, particularly doctor, medicine, hospital, ambulance, psychological counseling,  dentistry, pharmacy, pediatrics, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, weight loss, and others.

wood table

medical stethoscope near modern digital tablet pc in laboratory on wood table. Concept of medical or research theme.


Smile doctor wearing green uniform.

Smiling medical doctor looking at camera

Happy healthcare practitioner standing against white background.

Medical symbol - Doctor with stethoscope

Close up of a doctor with stethoscope.

Collection Of Medical Instrument

Collection of medical instrument.

Medical history form on clipboard with stethoscope

Medical history form on clipboard with stethoscope.

Stethoscope with medical clipboard

Stethoscope with medical clipboard .

Red Stethoscope and Silver Pen

Red stethoscope on blue clipboard with medical record close-up with silver colored pen.


Medical instrument for measuring blood pressure.

Happy Doctor With Clipboard And Stethoscope

Happy mature doctor with clipboard standing against German flag.

Medical equipment

Stethoscopes and sphygmomanometers on the wall of a doctor's practice.

Nurse in operating room

Nurse in operating room.


Image of stethoscope and glasses on white background.

Interior of dentist office

Chair and equipment at dentist.

Drug Syringe And Pills With Cocaine And Heroin Spoiled

Drug syringe and pills with cocaine and heroin spoiled.